Americans grow more serious about life insurance as sales surge

More Americans appear to be taking life insurance more seriously, as evidenced by the recent growth of individual sales. Total individual life insurance sales increased 4 percent during the second quarter of 2012, amounting to a three percent growth of the industry during the first half of the year, according to the latest LIMRA research. "The biggest driver behind premium growth was indexed universal life, soaring [...]

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Focusing solely on fees may result in poor investment choices

Investors are urged to examine several factors when making decisions about funds, including price, performance history, risk and level of sophistication. However, one marketing financial services company that provides a range of investment guidance discourages individuals from fixating on fees when selecting a fund. According to Jemstep, Inc., fees are an important factor in choosing funds, but to make them the sole determinant can force investors [...]

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Annuities play a more prominent role in retirement strategies

Americans rely upon several different investment vehicles for retirement planning, and annuities have emerged as one of the leading options to help adults reach their financial goals. The fear of falling short on income coupled with the various annuity options available may be behind Americans' greater interest in this type of product, according to The Boston Globe. While personal savings, pensions, retirement funds and Social Security [...]

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Many Americans balk on purchasing life insurance

Life insurance is a tool that can help individuals ensure their loved ones and beneficiaries are well-cared for after their death. However, a sizable number of Americans put off purchasing life insurance until "the right time." As a recent U.S. News and World Report article points out, the right time is always immediately, as delaying purchasing a policy can put survivors' finances in jeopardy. Policy benefits [...]

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Young adults seek out ‘safe’ investments over stocks

While young adults are typically cast as being more aggressive investors than older individuals, a new study reveals that the economy may be changing their attitudes and behaviors. New research from the Spectrum Group, which consults in various areas of investments, finance marketing and wealth management, indicates that young investors - those ages 40 or younger - are more wary of investing in stocks than baby [...]

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Top tips for generating insurance leads

Lead generation is an important part of any industry, from internet marketing to niche advertising. However, in the insurance world, direct marketing services are the top priority of many agencies and agents. Without the proper customer base, business-to-business lead generation cannot take place, which is the bane of many start-ups and new entrepreneurs. The first place to start is through a direct mailing campaign. While a [...]

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Study shows 90 percent of Americans to reevaluate savings and investment strategies

Investments and savings are two of the most predominant strategies Americans rely upon to build wealth, and the results of a new study reveal that investors are likely to change their current tactics. The results of a new survey conducted by marketing communications and research firm Opinion Research Corporation, and released by Edward Jones, show that 90 percent of Americans plan to change their current savings [...]

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Annuity sales increase as Americans focus on retirement savings

A sizable percentage of Americans experienced hits to their retirement savings as a result of the Great Recession, and new studies reveals some individuals are attempting to get their nest eggs back on track. The results of the 2012 U.S. Individual Annuities Sales survey conducted by research group LIMRA reveals that total annuity sales increased to $57 billion during the second quarter of 2012, a 4 [...]

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