Many adults lower their retirement lifestyle expectations

When pre-retirees consult their financial advisors about their retirement goals, they typically do so with an idea already in place about how they want to spend their golden years and the type of lifestyle they want to lead.

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Insurers who combine old and new marketing methods will reign supreme

Companies within the insurance industry must be pleased at the results of recent sales data, which shows that life insurance and annuity sales transactions have gained strength in recent months.

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Life insurance companies seek out new tactics to advance industry

The market for life insurance is typically driven by several factors, and many agencies are considering overhauling their existing strategies to advance their industry and ensure consistent and sustainable growth.

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Health insurers compete with non-health industries to market insurance

Health insurance marketing agencies have long relied on a number of tactics - ranging from direct mail, social media and email campaigns - to reach out to current and potential customers.

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Health insurers sent $1.5 billion in MLR refunds in 2011

While the full implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has not yet occurred, health insurers have already experienced some of the financial effects of certain provisions that are in place.

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Health insurers unveil new plans to accommodate projected spike in applications

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is gaining a great deal of attention as the implementation deadline for many of the groundbreaking legislation's provisions gets closer.

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