Design Talk with Bruce Foster

The other week Paper Engineer Bruce Foster visited our parent company, Structural Graphics at their Essex, CT location. Foster showed off some of his pop-up design projects and talked to the team about his work. Foster has been in the design industry for over 20 years. His recent work includes pop-up designs for the movie Enchanted, a Harry Potter pop-up book and a book [...]

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How to Use Vine for Marketing

What is Vine? Vine is a mobile video application used with Twitter. Vine allows users to create six second video clips that can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. Vine can help marketers discover new and fun ways to tell stories about products or services, share information about the company, or provide information and resources to viewers. How to Use: Like all social [...]

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Your Most Important Consumer: Women

We live in a world where women make up about 70 – 80% of consumer purchases. Nielson’s “Women of Tomorrow” study conducted in 2011 polled 6500 women in 21 countries throughout the world to find out what factors affected women’s buying decisions. Here are some takeaways to help marketers effectively reach out to the world’s most important consumer. […]

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3 Innovative Ways to Enhance Your Direct Mail

Compared to its digital counterpart, direct mail continues to have a higher ROI when it comes to putting your brand in front of consumers and driving engagement. With new trends in digital technology, it's becoming easier for businesses to enhance their direct mail campaigns with integrated media and multi-sensory features. QR & AR Codes People are accessing the internet more frequently and easily with smart phones. [...]