The CMO’s Guide to Marketing Automation

Here's What You Need to Know About the Fast-Growing Discipline You'd be forgiven for thinking "marketing automation" is an odd if not contradictory term. Until recently, those two words were rarely, if ever, mentioned in the same breath. The goal of marketing is to increase awareness for products and services, a mission often carried out via labor-intensive creative work. Meanwhile, automation is defined as making things [...]

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Advice from a top CMO: B2B Marketers Can’t Sell If They Can’t Tell a Story

Insights from the Business Marketing Association B-to-b marketers will see more long-term value in telling the story of their brand than just trying to feed the sales pipeline, GE CMO Beth Comstock said Wednesday at the annual Business Marketing Association meeting in Chicago. Business marketing can and should have emotion, and connect with people first, said Ms. Comstock, the top marketer at one of the largest [...]

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101 Sales & Marketing Ideas

From … how to research and obtain referrals, why it’s important to listen to clients, what to do with social media, where to advertise and what to say … to how to use a questionnaire, court records, a disposable phone and a dead Ken doll to boost sales. Insurance Journal has listened to readers, spoken with experts, scoured columns and articles and even gone outside insurance [...]