Average Claims Experience Not Enough to Retain Customers: Accenture

Although a large majority (86 percent) of home and auto insurance customers who have submitted a claim in the past two years are satisfied with how it was handled, 41 percent of those who have submitted a claim are still likely or very likely to switch to another insurer in the next 12 months, according to new global research by Accenture. Fourteen percent of insurance customers [...]

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How to Get Higher Conversions from “The Edit”

In our last issue we talked about improving the conversion rates from landing pages. In this issue we will look at other tactics you can employ to see a higher return across all of your marketing mediums. Our clients often report that their emails aren't getting great responses or click-throughs. They say this because it is a medium they can very clearly measure. On the very same day [...]

Creating the Best Converting Landing Page, No Really This Is Great Advice

So if you are in the business of lead generation, and who isn’t, this might be the single most important article you read all year. Print it, tack it up on your wall and call us when you are ready to get into some best practices landing page design ;). Landing pages are one of the best lead gen tactics in the marketing arsenal. But sadly, [...]

The Resurgence of the Microsite!

Brands are ditching Facebook in favor of microsites, landing pages and content they can own. Brand publishers are becoming more aware that they’re really just renting social media space on Facebook and are moving resources away from the social network. Brands want to own their data, content. Period. As they should. One agency said its clients are pulling away from Facebook in “dramatic numbers” reallocating their [...]

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