Insurance Advertising for a Holiday Audience

Holiday themed messages in insurance advertising is gaining in popularity the last few years. At a time when people are home more with families and attuned to ads with the latest gadgets and sales, holiday-themed advertising makes sense for insurers. Today Ace Metrix revealed the top scoring holiday ads according to consumers. The Ace Score is the measure of ad creative performance based on viewer reaction [...]

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Online and Offline Marketing Alignment: Closing the Loop for Better Conversions

Have you ever visited a site after being directed there by an ad or mailer and thought “I must be in the wrong place?” If so then you have experienced the perfect example of lack of marketing integration. Integrating the customer experience so the offline and online experiences match is critically important to successful marketing. Doing so creates a seamless experience for the customer/visitor, solidifying that [...]

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Personal lines update: Insights into the market

REPUBLISHED FROM PROPERTY CASUALTY 360 ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON NOV 14, 2014 | BY MICHAEL VOELKER If it can be said that a critical step on the road to success is adjusting one's own expectations, Dan Wolfgram, executive vice president in Personal lines, marketing and communications at Waukesha, Wis.-based R&R Insurance Services, has a clear message for producers who might be laboring under an unrealistic view of [...]

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