Auto-Insurance Ads Rule, Consistency at Top Is Why

Remember that old slogan for Virginia Slims cigarettes: "You've come a long way, baby, to get where you've got to today"? That pretty much summarizes advertising in the auto-insurance business. Who would have predicted back when Virginia Slims was in its heyday that auto insurance would emerge as the most creative category in advertising? And also the downward spiral of so many former bastions of creativity, [...]

How Allstate’s Microsite got 8,000 Hits a Second

Allstate’s character “Mayhem” is taking over your social media feed in a new series of online ad placements and making you think about the safety of posting your every move online. Something most people are far too guilty of. The campaign, which debuted nationwide on New Year's Day, was created by Leo Burnett. In the ads, Mayhem is a burglar who finds targets on social media [...]

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