The Internet of Things has the potential to revolutionize the insurance industry.

The P&C insurance industry is about to be turned on its ear by the Internet of Things (IoT). For P&C insurers already facing growth and profitability issues, long-term signs are pointing to accelerated change and new challenges that will require new strategies to address changing customer behavior and the view of risk. The IoT is a web of smart inter-connected devices, people, and organizations that is [...]

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Are your marketing tools communicating?

For over a decade now the marketing landscape has been all about integration. Integration has become the minimum requirement - marketing’s price of admission - in our connected world. The success of marketing integration largely relates to how well and how seamlessly you reach your audiences across multiple touchpoints. Fortunately, in today's landscape, it's easier than ever to create content, connect it across multiple platforms, experiment [...]

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Are financial services companies missing the opportunity to cater to the individual and changing needs of Americans?

As the economy continues to recover slowly, Americans of all ages and demographics are expressing their concerns about their futures. New research shows that while labor growth and the rising cost of living remain in the back of Americans' minds, concerns over retirement and healthcare are the most pressing, and for many households, their primary source of concern and stress. A Harris Poll shows 74 percent [...]

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Direct mail – Still an ideal medium for insurance marketers

While there has been additional focus on the benefits of social media, and digital in general, many insurance marketing initiatives still rely on direct mail for optimum effectiveness. Print continues to weigh heavily on and influence the decisions of consumers, so when lead generation is a key objective, direct mail is an obvious solution. In a recent industry report, nearly 9 of 10 respondents identified direct [...]

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