Crystal Ball: How the Internet of Things will change the insurance market.

A few weeks back we talked about the Internet of Things in a blog post and newsletter article. IBM has considered this so important they are now investing 3 billion into a new business venture to support the data and analytics that will come along with this new interconnected reality. IBM plans to launch an online service that helps insurance companies extract insight from connected vehicles, [...]

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Conversion Marketing: what it is, why you need it.

Now more than ever, marketing success is less about the number of leads delivered than it is about actual sales realized, as marketers are being held accountable to drive bottom-line results. In keeping, we are increasingly seeing marketing becoming part of the sales organization. In this fragmented, fast messaging environment, where marketers are being tasked with and held to taking consumers through the purchase process quickly [...]

Independent Insurance Agents Defying Naysayers

According to analysts, technologists, aggregators and others, the independent agency system is in trouble. Somebody forgot to tell independent agents. Or more to the point, the doomsayers perhaps didn't notice that independent agencies have been adapting and getting more into specialization. Or that they are employing technology along the lines suggested in order to succeed in the changing market. They may have dismissed the notion that [...]

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Report: Brands Are Now Posting More to Instagram Than Facebook. The Photo app is marketers’ new fave.

Instagram is luring brands away from Facebook, according to a new report from research firm L2, which found that brands now post more content on the photo-sharing app. The reason? Brands know everything they post on the platform will appear in fans' feeds, the study says. But on Facebook, if brands don't pay to promote their posts, much of their content doesn't appear in followers' News [...]

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