Can you Beat Google at the Insurance Game?

It’s been looming for a while - Google’s entry into the personal lines market. And while this news brings some anxiety, many say they are prepared to tackle competition from the Internet giant. Part of it is realizing that an independent agent is not going to be able to compete with a Google search for auto insurance, but will have an advantage on the local level. [...]

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Finding The Next Generation of Brokers

Today’s insurance professional, according to LIMRA, is aging at a somewhat alarming rate. More than half of established career agents and nearly seven in 10 independent agents are 50 years old or older. But what may surprise you are the ways that some insurance carriers are identifying, recruiting and training the next generation. Not only do these strategies showcase the industry’s ability to connect with some [...]

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Websites: When to Use What to Increase Your Conversions

So many companies ask about this when we engage with them on a campaign- do we need a landing page, a microsite or a destination site for this effort? It is okay if you don't know the difference between a splash page, a landing page and a microsite and what to use when. Really. It's more common than you'd think. So First Thing's First. Think About [...]

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What will happen if your sites aren’t mobile friendly?

On April 21, 2015 Google released an update that would penalize pages or sites that weren't mobile friendly. Since 2013, Google has stressed the importance of mobile-compatible websites. Ultimately Google is looking to provide its users provide a good experience for users on mobile devices (more on why later). So when the company announced it'd be giving preferential treatment to mobile-friendly websites on its webmaster central [...]

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