Health Insurance at America’s Superstore. Opportunity or Threat?

America's largest retailer is expanding more aggressively into the insurance market, hoping to become the go-to place for all your health care needs. But the store is far from the only place to get your coverage questions answered. Want help choosing a health insurance plan? Superstore Walmart bets that many consumers do—and that they are willing to visit a big-box store for guidance. There is still [...]

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3 Ways Insurance Carriers are Using Tech to Redefine the Consumer Experience

Using digital tools, agents, brokers and carriers continue to make strides in becoming more accessible, more responsive and more personal to their policyholders. No one has ever accused the insurance industry of being technology pioneers. However, the tech that sophisticated companies provides has informed how consumers expect to interact with their insurance agents, brokers and carriers. According to a report from the insurance and technology analysts [...]

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Millennials: Your New Audience. What’s Interesting Them and How to Reach Them.

As the younger generation's assets grow, a new generation of advisors are resonating with the ever-important millennial audience and you won't believe who (or what, rather) they are. Saving Early and Interested in Investing, but Distrustful. That can describe most millennials, by and large. More than half—55% of millennials age 22 to 33 are saving for retirement, according to a Wells Fargo study. But they invest less than [...]

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Marketing Playbook: How Allstate Disrupted the Chatter Around Insurance

How did Allstate use a character to change the conversation about insurance in a time when price wars ruled? The time was about 5 years ago, and Allstate was struggling. They were looking for a way to continue to push their quality and care message (ushered in by their In Good Hands campaign), in a way that was memorable and helped differentiate them from their loss-leader [...]

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