Internet of Things: A Transformational Force for the Insurance Industry

Due to the ability of the Internet of Things to collect and report real-time data in a healthcare, business, and  the industrial environment, it is projected to revolutionize the way we perceive things. Although the adoption of this networking technology has been slow, companies that have incorporated IoT technologies have experienced soaring profits and enhanced efficiency. This utility of IoT is now increasingly being realized in [...]

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The Wellness Trend

You may be hearing 'Ommm' in an office near you. There's a growing workplace trend where businesses of all stripes are facilitating wellness for their employees through in-office perks like meditation and massage, often subsidized, or done in partnership with, their health care plans. Once the province of Silicon Valley startups and their fierce talent grab, health-and-well-being programs are becoming standard at companies across the country, [...]

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What Will Become of Broadcast Advertising?

Ken Wheaton is the editor of Advertising Age. In the latest issue, he talks why traditional TV watching is becoming obsolete, leaving advertisers and agencies left to wonder, “what will become of broadcast advertising”? As Ken says, he watches TV the “old-fashioned way” and he’s not the norm. But what is surprising is which ads are being remembered, in a time of subscription TV, read on [...]

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Why having a POV matters, and how one health care company used it to build a brand

We talk to our clients often about having a point of view. When we bring up the topic, typically they respond by saying they already have a mission or value statement. Maybe they even cite their positioning work, in the form of a positioning statement or proof points. Oftentimes they site their tagline as their POV. Sure, that’s one part of the equation. But the best [...]

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