Fear Embarrassment, and Financial Wellness: What it Means for You

A few months ago Harris Polls and ALEX, Employee Benefits Communication Platform providers, conducted an in-depth survey of 1,000 American employees to gauge what they think about–and want from–financial wellness programs offered by their employer. The survey unearthed a ton of super-interesting stuff but two of the most interesting nuggets to come out of it were insights into how big of a role fear and embarrassment [...]

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How Can Marketers Leverage The Power Of Buyer Personas?

Buyer personas have become an essential tool to help marketers better understand their customers and craft messaging, campaigns, and outreach that deliver value and foster connections that lead to lasting relationships. But for all the talk, what exactly is a buyer persona? What is its value, how should one be created, and how should it be used? So where to start? Start off with a few [...]

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