Maximizing Digital Marketing to Advisors to Boost Brand Engagement

Advisor marketing is evolving rapidly alongside all other types of mobile communication and efficiencies in terms of staying connected 24/7. At the same time, advisors are faced with increasing responsibilities and higher levels of scrutiny on how they service their customers. Companies, wholesalers and asset managers seem to understand that constantly barraging these busy advisors with marketing isn’t the best way of capturing their attention or [...]

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Capturing data and insights from a hard-to-reach audience: Agents and Advisors

Marketing products to the busy financial advisor and independent agent audience is a constant challenge. With first hand experience in the industry, including our own proprietary research around what works when marketing to advisors, we have helped many a client substantiate their go-to-market plans for increased focus and success when launching a product, or campaign, amongst this audience. Testing new product concepts, gauging advertising effectiveness, probing [...]

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