Voluntary Benefits Now Viewed As Essential — What you can do to stand out as a provider

Long viewed as a value-add, a growing number of U.S. employers now consider voluntary benefits an integral component of their core employee benefit strategy. Employers are expanding their menu of voluntary benefits and services to help workers address their overall financial well-being and security. Almost 70 percent of employers said voluntary benefits and services will be an important part of their employee value proposition in the [...]

Increasing Adoption of Voluntary Benefits Through Relevant Marketing

Voluntary benefits are a hot topic. In last week’s article we talked about the growth of this industry and why it’s important to obtain and retain talent. The variety of voluntary benefits (being offered) also addresses the expectations of today’s workers, said Wendy Herndon, second vice president of product development and implementation for insurer Aflac. “People today want to customize everything in their lives, and benefits [...]

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Are your agents ignoring you? It could be the clutter.

Insurance agents are constantly bombarded with uninspired marketing tools by well-meaning marketers spending boatloads of money to promote their products, services and brand. So why do so many of these marketing materials fall short of their goal? Why are those digital usage reports so dismal? Well, because they didn’t cut through the clutter, they added to it – and here’s why. Your messaging wasn’t clear Your [...]