Design plays a huge role in getting the customer’s attention and not only serves to increase interaction and interest with the recipient, but also gives businesses the ability to convey lots of information in a small amount of space.

Here are three direct mail design techniques that demonstrate how promotional mailings can creatively convey more information about your business to your target audience.

The Flapper
The Flapper is a fold technique that gives lots of extra room for images and copy. It’s a cost effective solution that can be produced in high quantities because it doesn’t require hand assembly.

This design is great at keeping the recipient involved in your message as they lift panels to reveal messages

Exploding Page Mechanism
The Exploding Page Mechanism does just what its name implies: explodes from the page. Not only does this fun technique provide a great element of surprise to the recipient, but it also doubles the size of the page when opened.

Telescoping Folder
The Telescoping Folder is another way to reveal a lot of content in a seemingly small amount of space. Simply pull panels out to create an integrated message that is both creative and impactful.

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