Insurance agents are constantly bombarded with uninspired marketing tools by well-meaning marketers spending boatloads of money to promote their products, services and brand. So why do so many of these marketing materials fall short of their goal? Why are those digital usage reports so dismal? Well, because they didn’t cut through the clutter, they added to it – and here’s why.

Your messaging wasn’t clear

Your marketing materials should always be highly creative, with clever copy and inviting graphics, but never, ever, at the expense of your overall messaging. How often do you see an ad and have no idea what’s being sold? If it doesn’t hit your target, it’s a waste.  Whatever you do, make sure your marketing message is crystal clear, offers solutions, and answers the most important question your agents have; “What’s in it for me?”

It wasn’t personal

When it’s personal, people take notice. Personalized video is an exciting new way to entice and engage any audience. A variety of personalized and interactive elements including copy and visuals can be seamlessly woven into each video. Personalized video can be used for prospecting and selling as well as customer service, client retention and more. Using the Lift Factor’s new personalized video platform, you can create your own personalized video tool for your agents to use with their clients and prospects.  Videos can be produced in seconds and sent via email. Contact us today to learn more about this technology.

Your digital tool was not intuitive

Digital tools are a fabulous way to engage agents and help them conduct business in an efficient and profitable way. But far too often, digital tools are complicated, not intuitive, or miss out on functionality that could truly make for a great resource. Success in the digital arena requires a comprehensive approach that engages agents seamlessly across all channels—both online and off-line—and on their own terms. When something is frustrating to use, whether digital or not, it just doesn’t get used.

Your direct mail piece was a snooze

Rise and shine! Wake up your direct mail efforts by leveraging odd items, shapes and sizes. Lucky for you, you’re in the right place. The Lift Factor has literally thousands of possibilities. We’ve got dimensional and interactive print pieces that can pop into shape, change imagery, expand threefold, light up, play a video, connect to a smartphone – pretty much anything you can imagine.

The Lift Factor can help

When you cut through the clutter, agents are far more likely to not only understand your products, but want to sell them, too. Our real-time analytics provide visibility into each aspect of your campaign. After measuring effectiveness, we apply our experience with skilled analytics to improve your marketing results. From impactful direct mail to landing pages to fully integrated campaigns, we rely on our deep expertise in the insurance category to create and deliver marketing communications that incite action. Go to  The Work or Contact us directly to learn more.