Marketers follow trends, and there's no doubt that internet advertising has grown into a new standard. However, are efforts like content marketing, display advertising and mobile lead generation techniques working at all? A new survey conducted by Adobe Systems Incorporated reports that consumers and business owners continue to have a different view or advertising.

Adobe's latest study revealed that two-thirds of consumers say they believe that television commercials are more effective than online advertising, and 54 percent of respondents say online banner ads do not work.

The study delved further into which ads resonate with consumers and found that most people prefer to view advertising in their favorite print magazine (45 percent) or in between scenes of their favorite TV shows (23 percent). In contrast, 3 percent say they prefer to view ads via social media and no one like ads in mobile applications.

Part of the reason consumers don't trust or enjoy digital ads is that these promotions tend to be "annoying, distracting and all over the place." To remove doubt that online marketing is ineffective, professionals need to streamline their efforts, and approach internet marketing with the right tools in hand.

Businesses can benefit from having a marketing communications plan that uses the best that internet advertising has to offer. But it's also clear that a business owner must partner with a digital marketing company if he or she wishes to succeed. With the right resources on hand, a company can develop a promotional campaign that delivers clear and concise branding to a specific target audience, and response rates should increase dramatically.

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