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Is There a Future for Financial Wellness Programs?

Financial wellness programs were greeted favorably when they first debuted. But what is the forecast for their long-term success? Amid signs that such programs have not been as impactful as expected Cogent Reports took a 360-degree look at three sets of stakeholders—plan sponsors, plan participants and retirement plan advisors—in order to construct a clearer picture of the state of financial wellness initiatives. The Employer View: Enthusiastic [...]

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Annuity Sales are Rising: Here’s insight into what Financial Advisors are looking for from Providers

Each year Cogent Reports puts together their annual Annuity Brandscape Study™. The latest report released in February has some interesting insights to share. A little background on the study: In it they interviewed 712 financial advisors from October to November 2018. In order to qualify, respondents were required to have client assets invested in variable annuities, fixed annuities or indexed annuities. Cogent Reports weighs the data [...]

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Capitalize on Advisors Top Reasons for Selling Annuities

Amid Rising Sales, Advisors Cite Guaranteed Retirement Income as Top Reason for Selling Annuity Products Annuity sales are rebounding and advisors expect to maintain, or even increase, their use of annuity products in the near future. At the same time, the composition of advisors is changing, as many advisors shift further toward fee-based compensation models. Annuity providers have an opportunity to support advisors using a variety [...]

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Why Brand Identity Matters

Every impression counts when promoting and maintaining a successful business, and managing your brand identity is a major factor in that success. Whether it’s your logo, your website or your business cards, your customers build an impression of your company through every interaction they have with it. Each touchpoint adds up to create your brand image. But in today’s dynamic digital market, customers have more ways [...]

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Annuities need a rebrand; start with the advisors selling them

In a study of 3,210 adults aged 24 to 74, results showed that only two out of five Americans have protected retirement income in the form of a pension or an annuity. Yet almost half of Americans expected their savings to last their lifetime. There is an issue at hand on a macro level: for individuals, for carriers, for brokers/advisors, for the market, and the U.S. [...]

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Annuities are perfect for boomers faced with long retirement

Longevity has emerged as the new retirement goal for baby boomers and senior generations who are hoping to outlive their savings and pass wealth onto their heirs.

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Ways to Engage Insurance Customers, and Retain Them, by Business Line

Last week, we talked about ways to increase engagement with customers. This is more challenging than ever because attention is at a premium with the push and pull of technology and social media. It’s also more important than ever because customer experience and engagement continues to be the number one strategic initiative for insurers, with 85% of insurers investing in this important aspect of customer loyalty. [...]

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Engaging Insurance Customers

Engaging customers is a top strategic initiative for any company. Customer experience and engagement has been and continues to be the number one strategic initiative for insurers, with 85% of insurers investing in this important aspect of retaining customers. The focus on the customer, and the desire to improve their experience, is driving technological innovation and reshaping how customers interact and engage with companies, products and [...]

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Accessing Medical Care through Mobile Devices: It is Here and It is the Future

According to a survey from Rock Health, 46% of consumers use three or more categories of digital health tools. The survey also found that nearly 70 percent of people appreciate getting texts or emails from healthcare providers. Eric Topol, digital medicine researcher, and author, has said repeatedly that smartphones will transform healthcare. “It may just mean that the best way to cut the ever-increasing costs of [...]

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How to Collaborate with an Agency and Get More from Your Business

We often meet with prospective clients to discuss their marketing goals and needs, and to help assess if we are a good fit. The marketing industry moves fast and we see marketing leaders struggling to keep up and make confident decisions as to who to invest in for help. To thrive in this fast-changing economy, you need partners that can help you grow and evolve, and [...]