Marketing products to the busy financial advisor and independent agent audience is a constant challenge. With first hand experience in the industry, including our own proprietary research around what works when marketing to advisors, we have helped many a client substantiate their go-to-market plans for increased focus and success when launching a product, or campaign, amongst this audience.

Testing new product concepts, gauging advertising effectiveness, probing on hot topics and following up on specific brand perceptions or experiences are time-consuming and expensive.

Financial services and insurance firms need sophisticated, real-time market feedback to meet an increasing demand for reliable and representative data to inform strategic business decisions.

In market research and testing provides you with the ability to bring external marketplace insights into your strategic planning process.

From our experience with our clients we not only have helped improve their outcomes but we have been able to collect demographic and firmographic information on all agents and advisors we survey, allowing our understanding of the audience to grow. It has also allowed us to segment audiences based on what we know, and get smarter about how to talk to them

Some of the ways we have used research and profiling to help our clients are as follows:

For one of the top property casualty and life and annuity companies we met with over 50 of their agents, producers and CSRs to conduct qualitative research. We focused on how they grow they business, how they like to get marketed to from carriers and which carriers do a good job of marketing. We also asked that they identified our clients value and differentiators.

For another insurance company who targets the affluent, our client began working with us to develop a series of 10 crucial questions they needed to answer in order to move forward on some very strategic initiatives. We talked to appointed agencies and agents to understand, in their own words, how they communicate the client’s unique value. We used that information to help position their unique selling proposition and differentiators, by product and by audience.

We have also conducted our own proprietary research surveying directly to agents. This has helped us build a rich profile of this audience.


Our clients were able to use the data from the questions asked to justify and solidify their planned product launches and marketing plans. We helped our clients identify the true size of the market, and pinpointed the best advisor/agent targets. The quick turnaround from developing questions to getting results from a hard-to-reach audience gave them the knowledge they needed to help senior decision-makers and key stakeholders. It also informed future planning.

This continuous data collection offers us the ability to understand market feedback from a nationally representative sample of agents and advisors. The data gives our clients insight into market interest,the target profile of likely product adopters, and critical product features and attributes to highlight.

We are able to use our existing data, coupled with demographic and firmographic information to:

  • Estimate the size of the market
  • Identify the best opportunity audience for advisors and agencies
  • Categorize them as aware, engaged or advocates
  • Determine the subset of advisors/agents to target for product adoption
  • Test product messaging
  • Optimize product design and/or product features

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