Forget Loyalty. Relevance Wins.

If your customer-retention strategy relies on loyalty, it’s time to rethink. It could mean that you’re giving up something priceless: your relevance. In the U.S. market alone, companies are losing $1 trillion in annual revenues to their competitors because they are not consistently relevant enough (Accenture). Loyalty is important, sure, but the future of marketing — and many businesses — depends on serving a customer’s most [...]

It’s open enrollment season! Here are key findings from the 2018 Employer Health Benefits Survey

Every October, the Kaiser Family Foundation releases an extensive look at the healthcare landscape in their Employer Health Benefits Survey. The survey usually turns up several interesting insights into what’s going on in the world of insurance and healthcare. Oftentimes, findings can help offer new way of looking at the challenges of our industry. This year’s survey was just released. As staying on top of the latest [...]

Carriers are taking the lead in digital personalization; let’s look at how

The insurance industry was once considered slow to innovate, but now is leading the way in meeting changing consumer preferences. That’s evident in the way insurers are using their wealth of data on policyholders to tailor their messaging and product offerings. Personalization is a growing customer desire across all industries. And it has the potential to transform the entire way the industry operates. Three quarters of [...]

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Capturing data and insights from a hard-to-reach audience: Agents and Advisors

Marketing products to the busy financial advisor and independent agent audience is a constant challenge. With first hand experience in the industry, including our own proprietary research around what works when marketing to advisors, we have helped many a client substantiate their go-to-market plans for increased focus and success when launching a product, or campaign, amongst this audience. Testing new product concepts, gauging advertising effectiveness, probing [...]

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What Will Become of Broadcast Advertising?

Ken Wheaton is the editor of Advertising Age. In the latest issue, he talks why traditional TV watching is becoming obsolete, leaving advertisers and agencies left to wonder, “what will become of broadcast advertising”? As Ken says, he watches TV the “old-fashioned way” and he’s not the norm. But what is surprising is which ads are being remembered, in a time of subscription TV, read on [...]

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You Have Marketing Automation: Now What?

Buying a marketing automation solution will not make you a great marketer just the same as owning a camera does not make you a professional photographer. Often insurance marketers, and really all marketers, decide to hop on the latest marketing technology bandwagon without really understanding how to use this technology well. Marketing automation is one of those instances. One commonly cited statistic is that marketing automation [...]

Marketing to multi-layered sales channels is complex. Here are some things to think about.

Multiple levels of hierarchy and complex sales cycles make marketing to sales channels a complex proposition.  It’s no wonder then that many companies need some assistance to do it right. Consumer marketing may have the glitz and glamour but channel marketing has a complexity and richness that many marketers find fascinating, or perplexing, depending on who you talk to! This is all too true in the [...]

How Allstate’s Microsite got 8,000 Hits a Second

Allstate’s character “Mayhem” is taking over your social media feed in a new series of online ad placements and making you think about the safety of posting your every move online. Something most people are far too guilty of. The campaign, which debuted nationwide on New Year's Day, was created by Leo Burnett. In the ads, Mayhem is a burglar who finds targets on social media [...]

Your social media strategy may not be working, here is why.

Most businesses enter the social media landscape thinking it will lead to endless likes, shares, followers, satisfied customers and limitless new sales. This is hardly a surprise given its low-to-no cost for entry with the immediate connectivity to endless potential customers. But most companies fall apart in two areas:  (1) their inability to integrate social into their business culture and  (2) the inability to demonstrate the [...]

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How to Get Higher Conversions from “The Edit”

In our last issue we talked about improving the conversion rates from landing pages. In this issue we will look at other tactics you can employ to see a higher return across all of your marketing mediums. Our clients often report that their emails aren't getting great responses or click-throughs. They say this because it is a medium they can very clearly measure. On the very same day [...]