How to Develop an Ongoing Dialogue with Customers That Drives ROI

This is the era of give your customers what they want or risk losing their attention or favor. Customer research is increasingly important to provide your company with the information it needs to maintain and attract happy customers. One challenge companies often face is the cost of implementing a reliable way to engage with their customers to drive insight that also provides a return on investment [...]

166-Year-Old Legacy Carrier is Starting the Technology Traversing Process

Traversing We keep hearing and seeing the yelps about how “incumbent” and “legacy” carriers and their systems just won’t budge and that they are reluctant to innovate (myself included in on the yelping). We are listening to frustrated insurtech startup companies complaining that these carriers don’t know what’s best for them and that they are not understanding the immense opportunities that they are passing up. For [...]

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How to Collaborate with an Agency and Get More from Your Business

We often meet with prospective clients to discuss their marketing goals and needs, and to help assess if we are a good fit. The marketing industry moves fast and we see marketing leaders struggling to keep up and make confident decisions as to who to invest in for help. To thrive in this fast-changing economy, you need partners that can help you grow and evolve, and [...]

Why having a POV matters, and how one health care company used it to build a brand

We talk to our clients often about having a point of view. When we bring up the topic, typically they respond by saying they already have a mission or value statement. Maybe they even cite their positioning work, in the form of a positioning statement or proof points. Oftentimes they site their tagline as their POV. Sure, that’s one part of the equation. But the best [...]

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