How to Develop an Ongoing Dialogue with Customers That Drives ROI

This is the era of give your customers what they want or risk losing their attention or favor. Customer research is increasingly important to provide your company with the information it needs to maintain and attract happy customers. One challenge companies often face is the cost of implementing a reliable way to engage with their customers to drive insight that also provides a return on investment [...]

Are your agents ignoring you? It could be the clutter.

Insurance agents are constantly bombarded with uninspired marketing tools by well-meaning marketers spending boatloads of money to promote their products, services and brand. So why do so many of these marketing materials fall short of their goal? Why are those digital usage reports so dismal? Well, because they didn’t cut through the clutter, they added to it – and here’s why. Your messaging wasn’t clear Your [...]

The agent model is changing for insurance carriers

These days more is not necessarily better as maintaining and managing so many agents has increasingly become expensive and unwieldy. With their limited sales personnel spending the majority of their time with the most profitable agents ̶ the very same agents who are getting all the attention from executive management ̶ insurance carriers have found the advantages of building deeper, more profitable relationships with fewer agents [...]

You Have Marketing Automation: Now What?

Buying a marketing automation solution will not make you a great marketer just the same as owning a camera does not make you a professional photographer. Often insurance marketers, and really all marketers, decide to hop on the latest marketing technology bandwagon without really understanding how to use this technology well. Marketing automation is one of those instances. One commonly cited statistic is that marketing automation [...]

Conversion Marketing: what it is, why you need it.

Now more than ever, marketing success is less about the number of leads delivered than it is about actual sales realized, as marketers are being held accountable to drive bottom-line results. In keeping, we are increasingly seeing marketing becoming part of the sales organization. In this fragmented, fast messaging environment, where marketers are being tasked with and held to taking consumers through the purchase process quickly [...]

Direct mail – Still an ideal medium for insurance marketers

While there has been additional focus on the benefits of social media, and digital in general, many insurance marketing initiatives still rely on direct mail for optimum effectiveness. Print continues to weigh heavily on and influence the decisions of consumers, so when lead generation is a key objective, direct mail is an obvious solution. In a recent industry report, nearly 9 of 10 respondents identified direct [...]

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Marketing to multi-layered sales channels is complex. Here are some things to think about.

Multiple levels of hierarchy and complex sales cycles make marketing to sales channels a complex proposition.  It’s no wonder then that many companies need some assistance to do it right. Consumer marketing may have the glitz and glamour but channel marketing has a complexity and richness that many marketers find fascinating, or perplexing, depending on who you talk to! This is all too true in the [...]

Esurance is Becoming the Hot Insurance Player for Millenials

It makes sense that the generation born and bred in the online world would gravitate to an online-born insurance player. But Esurance is demonstrating that they have a solid understanding of this audience, and their media habits and lifestyle. Let’s take a look at some of Esurance's well-crafted plays to dominate the industry, and this insurance-ambivalent audience. Big Budget Super Bowl Spots Esurance debuted two big [...]

Auto-Insurance Ads Rule, Consistency at Top Is Why

Remember that old slogan for Virginia Slims cigarettes: "You've come a long way, baby, to get where you've got to today"? That pretty much summarizes advertising in the auto-insurance business. Who would have predicted back when Virginia Slims was in its heyday that auto insurance would emerge as the most creative category in advertising? And also the downward spiral of so many former bastions of creativity, [...]

How to Get Higher Conversions from “The Edit”

In our last issue we talked about improving the conversion rates from landing pages. In this issue we will look at other tactics you can employ to see a higher return across all of your marketing mediums. Our clients often report that their emails aren't getting great responses or click-throughs. They say this because it is a medium they can very clearly measure. On the very same day [...]