Brand and Product Agnostic Thought Leadership Wins When Trying to Reach Financial Advisors

To truly make headway with the financial advisor audience, providers must align their outreach to the needs of the advisor channel. Helping advisors with the challenges they are facing not only creates engagement with the audience, it works to build advisor trust and loyalty. The key to success lies in creating content that’s useful, that resonates with them, and that can help them differentiate their own [...]

Ad Spending Not the Key to Influencing Retirement Savings Behavior

Americans remain largely unprepared for retirement, even though the financial services industry spends billions each year advertising retirement planning products and services. The biggest issue is that many individuals are simply not taking the time to create a comprehensive financial plan, creating a roadmap to help guide future spending, saving and investing behavior. The task seems daunting as does investigating the investment options available to them. [...]

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Millennials: Your New Audience. What’s Interesting Them and How to Reach Them.

As the younger generation's assets grow, a new generation of advisors are resonating with the ever-important millennial audience and you won't believe who (or what, rather) they are. Saving Early and Interested in Investing, but Distrustful. That can describe most millennials, by and large. More than half—55% of millennials age 22 to 33 are saving for retirement, according to a Wells Fargo study. But they invest less than [...]

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Annual Report Design – Character. Culture. And, financials.

A well-designed annual report will capture a company’s spirit, positioning it as being cutting-edge or conservative, lighthearted or all-business. This all takes place however, within the context of the industry. For instance, pushing the design envelope for a company in the insurance industry will be a bit less aggressive than doing the same for a toy manufacturer. Out-of-the-box add-ons like dimension, electronics or any foreign materials [...]

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Selling Value not Price

As a consumer, do you always buy the cheapest product or service you can find?  Probably not. Or do you gravitate towards the most expensive item you can find? Unless you have money to burn, find a once in a lifetime deal,  or it’s on your bucket list, again, probably not. The fact is, the great majority of us try to find the best quality  products [...]

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Will Insurers Outperform More Regulated Banks?

With Wall Street operating under increased regulations, insurance companies may be emerging as a better return performer than traditional financial companies.  Does this define a new financial sector? Thoughts from Sandy Weil (CEO, Citigroup) and Jay Fishman (CEO, Travelers). Sandy Weill, whose creation of Citigroup, ushered in the era of U.S. banking conglomerates, said in 2012 that the biggest financial firms should be broken up to [...]

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Direct Mail: Key to Loyalty Programs

Is direct mail marketing what you're missing in your loyalty program? According to the 2013 Maritz Loyalty Report: US Edition, which surveyed more than 6,000 U.S. consumers to determine how they respond and interact with loyalty programs, communication is an important part of the brand relationship. The study found that more than 9 out of 10 members want to receive communications from the loyalty programs in [...]

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How to Connect with People

No matter where you are in your professional life seek opportunities to build meaningful relationships with others. It’ll be a boon to both your career and your well-being. Here are some ways you can develop professional (and personal) relationships with other people: Go to things that really interest you. Don’t get caught up in attending events you’re feeling lukewarm about. Spend your time engaging in activities [...]