A New Kind of Health Care Company Built on Technology, and Why You Should Be Paying Attention

Health insurance hasn’t normally attracted much money from Silicon Valley investors. Health insurance certainly doesn’t have the flash of technology darlings like Uber or an Airbnb. As we all know the industry is highly regulated, fiercely competitive, and turning a profit depends on signing up healthy customers and getting favorable prices from hospitals and doctors. Still, investors put hundreds of millions of dollars into health insurance [...]

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Wharton School of Business Shares Their Perspective on Health Care Insurance Company Mergers

As the nation’s top five health insurance companies jockey through merger proposals that could leave just three large companies at the top, a big question is, what does it mean for consumers – and the rest of the industry? Mark Pauly, a Wharton professor of health care management offers additional views on the effects of the mergers in this Knowledge@Wharton interview. Note: This interview was published [...]

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ACA Reform Causes Enrollment Decline, Contrary to What Was Expected

One reason? Take-Up Rates Among Those Under 30 Show Unexpected Decline. Young workers in the U.S. signed up for employer-sponsored health plans at a lower rate than last year, a surprising result that helped keep overall workplace enrollment rates flat. This is especially surprising as companies had been bracing for a big bump in the number of workers signing up for workplace plans because of the [...]

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Health Insurance at America’s Superstore. Opportunity or Threat?

America's largest retailer is expanding more aggressively into the insurance market, hoping to become the go-to place for all your health care needs. But the store is far from the only place to get your coverage questions answered. Want help choosing a health insurance plan? Superstore Walmart bets that many consumers do—and that they are willing to visit a big-box store for guidance. There is still [...]

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