Forget Loyalty. Relevance Wins.

If your customer-retention strategy relies on loyalty, it’s time to rethink. It could mean that you’re giving up something priceless: your relevance. In the U.S. market alone, companies are losing $1 trillion in annual revenues to their competitors because they are not consistently relevant enough (Accenture). Loyalty is important, sure, but the future of marketing — and many businesses — depends on serving a customer’s most [...]

It’s open enrollment season! Here are key findings from the 2018 Employer Health Benefits Survey

Every October, the Kaiser Family Foundation releases an extensive look at the healthcare landscape in their Employer Health Benefits Survey. The survey usually turns up several interesting insights into what’s going on in the world of insurance and healthcare. Oftentimes, findings can help offer new way of looking at the challenges of our industry. This year’s survey was just released. As staying on top of the latest [...]

Carriers are taking the lead in digital personalization; let’s look at how

The insurance industry was once considered slow to innovate, but now is leading the way in meeting changing consumer preferences. That’s evident in the way insurers are using their wealth of data on policyholders to tailor their messaging and product offerings. Personalization is a growing customer desire across all industries. And it has the potential to transform the entire way the industry operates. Three quarters of [...]

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Voluntary Benefits Now Viewed As Essential — What you can do to stand out as a provider

Long viewed as a value-add, a growing number of U.S. employers now consider voluntary benefits an integral component of their core employee benefit strategy. Employers are expanding their menu of voluntary benefits and services to help workers address their overall financial well-being and security. Almost 70 percent of employers said voluntary benefits and services will be an important part of their employee value proposition in the [...]

At the Intersection of Health, Wealth and Well-Being

People are living longer, it’s certainly a fact. But how that’s affecting the landscape of healthcare and financial services is monumental. Health and wealth are merging; as people have begun to broaden their view of the retirement nest egg to cover health care expenses, medical expenses, long-term care, and others. Likewise, people are expecting more options, and a more holistic view, from the financial and health [...]

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Brand and Product Agnostic Thought Leadership Wins When Trying to Reach Financial Advisors

To truly make headway with the financial advisor audience, providers must align their outreach to the needs of the advisor channel. Helping advisors with the challenges they are facing not only creates engagement with the audience, it works to build advisor trust and loyalty. The key to success lies in creating content that’s useful, that resonates with them, and that can help them differentiate their own [...]

The Changing Insurer-Agent Relationship

More direct sales are likely as insurers offer convenient transactions and services via mobile. To the extent that mobile brings insurers closer to policyholders, it raises the issue  of “disintermediation”—a direct business model that takes intermediaries, such as agents, out of transactions—a model that has already been realized to a significant extent in personal lines property insurance and some types of individual life insurance. More direct [...]

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Case Studies on the Industry: Who is Using Mobile Well

USAA, a San Antonio, Texas-based insurer and financial-services company that serves military personnel, has become a leader in customer-facing mobile capabilities because of its need to reach its clients when they are deployed. Today, mobile is USAA’s largest contact channel, reporting 590 million interactions during 2013. By contrast, its website logged 350m interactions and its voice-response system received 110m calls, according to Neff Hudson, the company’s [...]

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Why having a POV matters, and how one health care company used it to build a brand

We talk to our clients often about having a point of view. When we bring up the topic, typically they respond by saying they already have a mission or value statement. Maybe they even cite their positioning work, in the form of a positioning statement or proof points. Oftentimes they site their tagline as their POV. Sure, that’s one part of the equation. But the best [...]

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Consumer Reports on P&C Insurance: To Them It’s All a Numbers Game

Last month we talked about the Consumer Reports expose on our industry’s pricing practices. This month, we thought we would feature some of the insurance industries top ads, and ad claims, which Consumer Reports called “misleading”. In a special feature Consumer Reports called “Here’s What’s Really Funny About Those Advertised Savings” they say “perhaps insurers think you won’t notice their fuzzy math if you’re too busy [...]

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