The Hartford’s Personalized Benefits Platform- My Tomorrow

Gone are the days when the same messaging works for everyone. Now more than ever, insurance customers value a company that not only understands who they are and what they need, but also responds with accurate, timely communications. For the past few years, the ultimate goal in customer engagement and experience has been to create personalized, context-aware interactions. Combining customer insights, digital content creation capabilities, communications [...]

How to Collaborate with an Agency and Get More from Your Business

We often meet with prospective clients to discuss their marketing goals and needs, and to help assess if we are a good fit. The marketing industry moves fast and we see marketing leaders struggling to keep up and make confident decisions as to who to invest in for help. To thrive in this fast-changing economy, you need partners that can help you grow and evolve, and [...]

Voluntary Benefits Now Viewed As Essential — What you can do to stand out as a provider

Long viewed as a value-add, a growing number of U.S. employers now consider voluntary benefits an integral component of their core employee benefit strategy. Employers are expanding their menu of voluntary benefits and services to help workers address their overall financial well-being and security. Almost 70 percent of employers said voluntary benefits and services will be an important part of their employee value proposition in the [...]

You Have Marketing Automation: Now What?

Buying a marketing automation solution will not make you a great marketer just the same as owning a camera does not make you a professional photographer. Often insurance marketers, and really all marketers, decide to hop on the latest marketing technology bandwagon without really understanding how to use this technology well. Marketing automation is one of those instances. One commonly cited statistic is that marketing automation [...]

3 Ways Insurance Carriers are Using Tech to Redefine the Consumer Experience

Using digital tools, agents, brokers and carriers continue to make strides in becoming more accessible, more responsive and more personal to their policyholders. No one has ever accused the insurance industry of being technology pioneers. However, the tech that sophisticated companies provides has informed how consumers expect to interact with their insurance agents, brokers and carriers. According to a report from the insurance and technology analysts [...]

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Conversion Marketing: what it is, why you need it.

Now more than ever, marketing success is less about the number of leads delivered than it is about actual sales realized, as marketers are being held accountable to drive bottom-line results. In keeping, we are increasingly seeing marketing becoming part of the sales organization. In this fragmented, fast messaging environment, where marketers are being tasked with and held to taking consumers through the purchase process quickly [...]

Auto-Insurance Ads Rule, Consistency at Top Is Why

Remember that old slogan for Virginia Slims cigarettes: "You've come a long way, baby, to get where you've got to today"? That pretty much summarizes advertising in the auto-insurance business. Who would have predicted back when Virginia Slims was in its heyday that auto insurance would emerge as the most creative category in advertising? And also the downward spiral of so many former bastions of creativity, [...]

The Lift Factor Wins 2 American Graphic Design Awards from Graphic Design USA

The Lift Factor was recently awarded 2 American Graphic Design Awards by Graphic Design USA (GDUSA). The American Graphic Design Awards is the premier showcase for outstanding work in the design community recognizing advertising agencies, graphic design firms and corporate design. It honors outstanding new work of all kinds: print, packaging, point-of-purchase, internet, interactive and motion graphics. The Lift Factor won two separate awards for its [...]

Creating the Best Converting Landing Page, No Really This Is Great Advice

So if you are in the business of lead generation, and who isn’t, this might be the single most important article you read all year. Print it, tack it up on your wall and call us when you are ready to get into some best practices landing page design ;). Landing pages are one of the best lead gen tactics in the marketing arsenal. But sadly, [...]

Personas and How They Can Help Grow your Business

Personas. You’ve probably heard of them and maybe you understand them, or maybe you don’t. That’s okay. We are here to help. Personas are a tool companies can use to better understand your customer base. Sometimes they are referred to as buyer personas. So you probably already have a general  understanding of who your customer is often expressed in terms of demographics -things like age, gender, [...]