Is There a Future for Financial Wellness Programs?

Financial wellness programs were greeted favorably when they first debuted. But what is the forecast for their long-term success? Amid signs that such programs have not been as impactful as expected Cogent Reports took a 360-degree look at three sets of stakeholders—plan sponsors, plan participants and retirement plan advisors—in order to construct a clearer picture of the state of financial wellness initiatives. The Employer View: Enthusiastic [...]

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Shift-Technology Reveals the Art of an ‘Actionable’ Partnership

When I think of Paris, I think of Eugène Delacroix and the Louvre, I think of sipping a 2012 Châteauneuf du Pape at a wrought iron table gazing out at the Eiffel Tower. The perfectly curated pairing of tradition and edginess, of form and function, in every view, every conversation, every bite of food and every sip of wine. The last thing I think of is… [...]

The Countdown Is On

It’s an age-old conundrum: experience v. vitality. For one reason or another these two contesting forces seem to always find themselves in stark opposition rather than working together to find the power in their overlap. This conundrum has so ensued, in its own way, between legacy “incumbent” carriers and insurtech startups. I recently gave Mark Roth, an insurtech expert and new business developer for Dig In, [...]

166-Year-Old Legacy Carrier is Starting the Technology Traversing Process

Traversing We keep hearing and seeing the yelps about how “incumbent” and “legacy” carriers and their systems just won’t budge and that they are reluctant to innovate (myself included in on the yelping). We are listening to frustrated insurtech startup companies complaining that these carriers don’t know what’s best for them and that they are not understanding the immense opportunities that they are passing up. For [...]

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It’s open enrollment season! Here are key findings from the 2018 Employer Health Benefits Survey

Every October, the Kaiser Family Foundation releases an extensive look at the healthcare landscape in their Employer Health Benefits Survey. The survey usually turns up several interesting insights into what’s going on in the world of insurance and healthcare. Oftentimes, findings can help offer new way of looking at the challenges of our industry. This year’s survey was just released. As staying on top of the latest [...]

Consumer Reports on P&C Insurance: To Them It’s All a Numbers Game

Last month we talked about the Consumer Reports expose on our industry’s pricing practices. This month, we thought we would feature some of the insurance industries top ads, and ad claims, which Consumer Reports called “misleading”. In a special feature Consumer Reports called “Here’s What’s Really Funny About Those Advertised Savings” they say “perhaps insurers think you won’t notice their fuzzy math if you’re too busy [...]

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Can you Beat Google at the Insurance Game?

It’s been looming for a while - Google’s entry into the personal lines market. And while this news brings some anxiety, many say they are prepared to tackle competition from the Internet giant. Part of it is realizing that an independent agent is not going to be able to compete with a Google search for auto insurance, but will have an advantage on the local level. [...]

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Will Insurers Outperform More Regulated Banks?

With Wall Street operating under increased regulations, insurance companies may be emerging as a better return performer than traditional financial companies.  Does this define a new financial sector? Thoughts from Sandy Weil (CEO, Citigroup) and Jay Fishman (CEO, Travelers). Sandy Weill, whose creation of Citigroup, ushered in the era of U.S. banking conglomerates, said in 2012 that the biggest financial firms should be broken up to [...]

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Attract young consumers through direct mail

Looking to market your company's products or services to millennials? Don't rule out direct mail. Often overlooked, this generation of young, savvy professionals has more expendable income than you think. Not only are they looking for brands to  interest them visually, but they're seeking a valuable connection with the brands they purchase from. Through direct mail, marketers can connect with millennials in new and inspiring ways. [...]

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