Your Most Important Consumer: Women

We live in a world where women make up about 70 – 80% of consumer purchases. Nielson’s “Women of Tomorrow” study conducted in 2011 polled 6500 women in 21 countries throughout the world to find out what factors affected women’s buying decisions. Here are some takeaways to help marketers effectively reach out to the world’s most important consumer. […]

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How to Connect with People

No matter where you are in your professional life seek opportunities to build meaningful relationships with others. It’ll be a boon to both your career and your well-being. Here are some ways you can develop professional (and personal) relationships with other people: Go to things that really interest you. Don’t get caught up in attending events you’re feeling lukewarm about. Spend your time engaging in activities [...]

TLF is hiring!

The Lift Factor is looking for a dynamic Business Development person for the New England region. Who we are: The Lift Factor is a direct marketing services company that specializes in helping Insurance and Financial Services companies improve the effectiveness of their communications by combining our proven High-Impact campaigns with solid marketing strategy, analytics and insights that help drive superior results. We have developed a proven [...]

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Don’t Contribute to Inbox Clutter: Use Print

Think back to one of the first times you came across a pop-up book. Remember how magical it felt to turn the page and suddenly see the scene leap out at you? It was as though your imagination had somehow transported the story into the real world, and it became as real and tangible as your best friend or your parents. Good marketing works the same [...]