Will the auto insurance industry be obsolete in 20 years?

In today's world, change is inevitable, especially as technology quickly changes how we live and work. So, it's not surprising that an auto insurance market research analyst is predicting the end of the auto insurance business as we currently know it. That's right. No more auto insurance. Why? According to Deutsche Bank research analyst Joshua Shanker, in 20 years, instead of people owning and driving cars, [...]

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Your social media strategy may not be working, here is why.

Most businesses enter the social media landscape thinking it will lead to endless likes, shares, followers, satisfied customers and limitless new sales. This is hardly a surprise given its low-to-no cost for entry with the immediate connectivity to endless potential customers. But most companies fall apart in two areas:  (1) their inability to integrate social into their business culture and  (2) the inability to demonstrate the [...]

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Variable Media Mail Gives Marketers a Voice.

By now, many marketers have heard of or used Variable Data Printing, otherwise known as VDP. VDP allows marketers to create attention-grabbing direct mail campaigns that speak specifically to a target audience. Utilizing VDP helps build better relationships with customers by communicating directly with them as individuals. Contrary to what many believe, VDP is more than just inserting a name after “Dear”. VDP allows marketers to [...]