So if you are in the business of lead generation, and who isn’t, this might be the single most important article you read all year. Print it, tack it up on your wall and call us when you are ready to get into some best practices landing page design ;).

Landing pages are one of the best lead gen tactics in the marketing arsenal. But sadly, most people know very little about how to create a page that converts. So you develop a special offer and cast your message with the hopes of getting someone to your landing page to fill out a form for more information; a quote, a meeting.

But once the potential customers arrive at your new landing page, what percentage of them complete the mission; share their information, ending up in your database for follow-up?

Here are the TOP 10 things to remember when creating a landing page to ensure better conversion rates.

1.   Integrated messaging

Match the creative and the context. The marketing drivers should mirror the landing page look and feel. This includes ensuring the primary headline of your landing page matches the ad that visitors clicked to get there or the headline on the marketing piece. Providing a consistent experience—and that includes everything from the color palette, typography, and core message instantly tells visitors they’re in the right place, and it reduces the dreaded bounce.

2. Communicate early and clearly

In the brief moments you have the user’s attention the value proposition most be conveyed quickly, easily, concisely. In other words, Do this, and get that. Failure to clearly state the value exchange will increase page bounce rate.

3. Big, bold, above the fold

Make your call to action (CTA) as big as possible and position it above the fold. Do whatever is necessary to keep the offer copy and imagery short and at the top of the page and the form brief so users can determine at a glance that this process will not be lengthy or burdensome.

4. Optimize for mobile

This means no pinching or scrolling! The responsive design of your landing page should serve mobile viewers with a simple, fully functional version that’s easy to thumb through. Make sure everything your visitors need to respond to the call to action can be seen instantly on the mobile page. Less form fields also ensures a better completion in a mobile experience.

5. Provide something of value

I would say this is perhaps most important but we have kept this list brief because all of the  tips are important. But to receive something as important as someone’s contact information you must something of value in exchange. The premium you choose (downloadable PDF, newsletter, etc.) should always be related to what the prospect would be interested in from you—the more relevant the “free gift” is the higher the ultimate conversion rate. It should be something of high-perceived value that is worth something to the user.

6. Call to action

The CTA should tie in to the offer or premium, and be straightforward. Spell out what the user needs to do (fill out,  register, quote, etc.) in both the creative and on the landing page. And do not hesitate to use the actual word “Free”. Studies show it increases the response.

7. Give them only one choice

A landing page should have a single purpose. Don’t make them look for the reason they visited or clicked. The user should see one call to action, no other options and also, this is an important note many clients just cannot wrap their head around– no other links and no navigation.

8. Keep it short and simple

Short and sweet, clean and neat. Be ruthless about removing unnecessary content. Every element should be aligned with the topic and goal of the page.

9. Only ask for what you really need

The key to higher form completion is keeping the form as short as possible. Determine the information absolutely needed to capture, and include only those fields. Less essential data can be captured in post-follow up. Here is an important stat: you can lose 30% of conversions for each field over the standard three.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a highly relevant/specialized type of respondent, asking 2-5 qualifying questions can really make an impact on the quality of your new names and their level of interest. These questions should be again, as short and simple as possible.

10. Use Video

Video is shown to improve conversion by up to 80%, depending on the nature of the appeal.


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