While there has been additional focus on the benefits of social media, and digital in general, many insurance marketing initiatives still rely on direct mail for optimum effectiveness. Print continues to weigh heavily on and influence the decisions of consumers, so when lead generation is a key objective, direct mail is an obvious solution.
In a recent industry report, nearly 9 of 10 respondents identified direct marketing as being the ideal medium for reaching them. The study also found that 88 percent of household decision makers view direct mail as a contributing influencer when making insurance-based decisions, more so than email and social media. It seems even with digital technology playing a greater role in how consumers research and familiarize themselves with services, direct mail leaves the longest-lasting impression. Marketers understand print is still an important component of the traditional marketing mix.
By showing potential customers a clear call to action, a solid direct mail campaign can provide a great return on investment. While other forms of advertising often attempt to create an emotional awareness or impression of the brand being advertised, few are able to continually prove their impact on an organizations’ bottom line as well as direct mail in creating a response.
Direct mail marketing is a great way to reach potential customers with messages on a variety of insurance offers and can be a great medium for testing various offers. Using direct mail to drive to landing pages sets up a very clear test to track which offer is pulling best.
Direct mail marketing gives an insurance company a high level of control over the message that is conveyed to potential clients. Employing segmenting and other targeting measures increases its cost-effectiveness, allowing you to save money on marketing and advertising while still reaching your most active prospects.
In addition, as we often talk about, creating a thorough value proposition on your company and its products and services helps show customers exactly why you stand head and shoulders above others. Your brand messaging and your differentiators are really all you have to stand out in the mind of your customers. Direct mail is the perfect medium to demonstrate that.
As for the health of marketing and its various mediums overall- “The advertising market mirrors the performance of the general economy,” said Kantar Media Chief Research Officer Jon Swallen. Sustained long-term improvement in the health of consumer spending on the goods and services fuels marketing spend.
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