Think back to one of the first times you came across a pop-up book. Remember how magical it felt to turn the page and suddenly see the scene leap out at you? It was as though your imagination had somehow transported the story into the real world, and it became as real and tangible as your best friend or your parents.

Good marketing works the same way. If done well, it can root your message firmly into your buyers mind. If you’re looking for a great way to enhance your message, then don’t rule out print advertising.

Higher Response with Print

With less clutter, it looks like buyers are paying more attention to their mail. Target Marketing Magazine recently reported that B2C marketers saw the biggest ROI with direct mail. In 2012, the Direct Marketing Association published the “Response Rate Report,” which indicated that despite a 25% decline over the last nine years direct mail campaigns drew a better overall response than their digital counterparts. Direct mail successfully connected companies with attracting and keeping new customers.

Paper Brings Us Back to a Simpler, Happier Time

There is certainly plenty to be said about the merits of digital marketing and advertising, but when all is said and done people go back to paper in a way that they never will with digital. Paper is easy to access – there’s no login or password to remember, no indiscernible numbers and letters to authenticate your ID, no link to click to make images download – paper just is, and always will be. There’s joy found in something you can easily feel, touch, and share – without a hassle. The tangibility of paper design can give your message an authenticity that digital outlets sometimes lose.

Paper Design is Versatile

The only thing traditional about paper is the impression that it is one-dimensional. Promotional mailers and print advertising can be drivers to online campaigns. It’s never an all-or-nothing mentality with paper because it easily integrates with other advertising outlets.

You Can Really Target Your Message

A key ingredient to response is to understand your buyer and market directly to them. Mailing lists can be defined geographically, by business type, gender, age, length of residence and so much more.

Get people to take notice of your company by embracing many different marketing strategies, including print, to reach your audience. Promotional mailings can work with digital marketing strategies to strengthen brand loyalty and keep your company in the forefront of your buyers mind.

So, what will you surprise them with next?