Personal Lines insurers often find themselves in fierce competition given the marketing landscape,  but there a few things that you can add  to your arsenal to make your marketing effective.

Consider the following three tips for successful personal lines marketing.

SEO Marketing

In the digital world, many people search for keywords like “insurance quote” and “switch my insurance” today. Search engines employ complex algorithms and “bots” that determine page ranking, and if you increase your listing through keywords and search engine optimization (SEO), your company should get an uptick in new business inquiries.

The Landing Page

Simply relying on your website to do your marketing push isn’t enough. Don’t make your customer look for your quote page. Direct your direct mail, email and web traffic to campaign-specific landing pages. You can create unique URLs by campaign to track the effectiveness of each. You can even employ testing to ensure you have the best converting landing page over time. Also, don’t forget how the prospect is interacting with you. Smartphones make up a huge part of consumers’ lives.  Making sure your landing page is mobile friendly is a non-negotiable. It’s been said that more than half of all people searching for insurance are now doing so on their mobile devices and tablets.

Company biography

By creating a thorough biography of your company and its ideals, you’ll be able to show customers exactly why your service stands head and shoulders above the others.  Your value proposition and your differentiators are really all you have to stand out in the mind of your customers.

An insurance marketing company can help you carry through these three tips and more. The Lift Factor is the only marketing company specializing in the industry, combining insurance-exclusive experience with a knack for identifying key marketing, and insurance marketing, trends.