The Lift Factor’s Heavylifter of Digital, Dan Weingrod, recently wrote an article entitled “Instead of Being Liked, Try Being More Interesting” to help marketers see how interest-based marketing strategies can build up their brand and engage customers. 

This news is timely since Facebook is set to launch its graph search feature soon and users will be able to search connections based on common interests, demographics, and likes. These changes are leading to further shifts in marketing. It’s time to ask yourself a few questions to evaluate where you are in your marketing approach:

Are you connecting with customers?

Coke knows how to sell. Think about those polar bear commercials. They tug on your heartstrings and equate Coke with adorable polar bears, friendship, family and good times. Developing content that provokes an emotional response is a much better alternative to being sold gimmicks and clichés. Find out what’s important to your customer, then build a product or service that meets their needs.

Do you have personality?

Show some spirit. Be ok with appealing to some people more than others. The people that stick with you will create a loyal fan base that cares about what you are saying, and they’ll be more likely to share your content with their networks.

Do you have a sharable strategy?

Discovering what’s interesting to your customer helps you create content that prospects will want to share with their networks. Make it easy for them to upload it to the web, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or wherever your customer is spending their time.

Learn more by reading Dan’s article and think about ways you can make people feel good about the possibility of doing business with your company. Share your feedback with us in the comments below.