Advisor marketing is evolving rapidly alongside all other types of mobile communication and efficiencies in terms of staying connected 24/7. At the same time, advisors are faced with increasing responsibilities and higher levels of scrutiny on how they service their customers. Companies, wholesalers and asset managers seem to understand that constantly barraging these busy advisors with marketing isn’t the best way of capturing their attention or providing a solid ROI. In fact, last year, advisor-reported marketing monthly touches from financial services providers dropped in frequency, from 110 in 2016 to only 101 in 2017. With the number of marketing touches dwindling and capturing advisor attention not getting any easier, firms are funneling more and more marketing dollars into digital campaigns. Is that the right move?

Is Digital Marketing where you should be investing?

The short answer? Yes.

In 2017, advisors cited email as the most effective way to communicate with them, even outranking external wholesaler visits. What’s more, after wholesalers, the digital touches of websites, webinars and mobile apps generate the greatest lift in brand consideration.


Most providers achieve limited reach through these digital touches, however, with the industry average recall for websites, webinars and mobile apps at 10% or less. With a plethora of new online and mobile technologies, breaking through the digital clutter is set to become an even more complex and challenging endeavor. Asset managers must learn how to optimize the digital experience for advisors and prove their expensive marketing efforts are worth the resources and expense.

Identifying the Digital Gap

One of the surest ways to make your mark in any market is to identify an unmet need and offer a targeted solution. With advisors flocking to digital communication channels, there appears to be a gap between their expectations and what they find when they start using these tools. In a study conducted in March of last year, advisors were asked to identify the gaps in the technology and digital support they receive from asset managers. Advisors identified tool enhancements, stronger reporting capabilities, mobile access and service/support as the top wants on their technology wish lists. Their needs often center on the three key areas: insights and training, efficiency and integration, and tools and apps.

cDigital is clearly a great investment for your marketing effots. However, just like all other marketing tools, digital marketing dollars will only provide a solid ROI if they are being leveraged to meet the true needs of the target audience. The good news is advisors are open to communicating with you through a variety of digital channels and research shows that websites, webinars and mobile apps can generate the powerful lifts in brand consideration, recognition and selection. However, just being out in the digital space isn’t enough. Companies looking to differentiate themselves must offer tools and content that meets advisor needs.

The Lift Factor is skilled at developing cutting edge digital tools. From e-brochure highlighting capabilities, tools to train agents and advisors, and customized videos, we have stayed on top of the digital field constantly pushing the envelope of what can be accomplished. A digital tool we developed last year for MassMutual called “Define Your Value” allowed advisors to talk through a tool that helped them identify their unique value proposition, customize it to their company brand look, adding images and links to social media, and then sending it to clients, via a beautifully designed PDF. It is these types of tools that can really help you stand out amongst a sea of competitors all vying for attention.


We will also be featuring an upcoming report, Cutting Through the Digital Marketing Clutter, which will uncover the best-in-class approaches for maximizing the reach and impact of digital advisor-based marketing efforts. This study will do a deep dive into just the digital marketing space, allowing you to increase advisor engagement where it matters most.



With insights and reporting from Cogent Reports.