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The agent model is changing for insurance carriers

These days more is not necessarily better as maintaining and managing so many agents has increasingly become expensive and unwieldy. With their limited sales personnel spending the majority of their time with the most profitable agents ̶ the very […]

‘Think like a marketer, act like a producer’

For decades, marketing has been predicated on interrupting someone else’s content. Now, as marketers continue to explore creating content that people want to watch for its own sake, there are many useful lessons to learn from the entertainment landscape.


Fear Embarrassment, and Financial Wellness: What it Means for You

A few months ago Harris Polls and ALEX, Employee Benefits Communication Platform providers, conducted an in-depth survey of 1,000 American employees to gauge what they think about–and want from–financial wellness programs offered by their employer.
The survey unearthed a ton of super-interesting […]

How Can Marketers Leverage The Power Of Buyer Personas?

Buyer personas have become an essential tool to help marketers better understand their customers and craft messaging, campaigns, and outreach that deliver value and foster connections that lead to lasting relationships.
But for all the talk, what exactly is a buyer persona? […]

Healthcare marketers reshape strategy

Hospitals and health systems have been spending more on advertising in recent years, with an emphasis on educating patients and engaging them in their growing role as healthcare consumers.

But there are sharp debates among healthcare providers and marketing experts about how […]

Can Mobile Reduce Attrition Rates?

Taking our special report on mobile a bit further, let’s discuss a longstanding issue facing insurers today: attrition rates. While some companies like USAA and Amica pride themselves on longstanding customer relationships (10 years + is considered outstanding), the average customer […]

The Changing Insurer-Agent Relationship

More direct sales are likely as insurers offer convenient transactions and services via mobile.

To the extent that mobile brings insurers closer to policyholders, it raises the issue  of “disintermediation”—a direct business model that takes intermediaries, such as agents, out of transactions—a […]

Case Studies on the Industry: Who is Using Mobile Well

USAA, a San Antonio, Texas-based insurer and financial-services company that serves military personnel, has become a leader in customer-facing mobile capabilities because of its need to reach its clients when they are deployed. Today, mobile is USAA’s largest contact channel, reporting […]

The Wellness Trend

You may be hearing ‘Ommm’ in an office near you. There’s a growing workplace trend where businesses of all stripes are facilitating wellness for their employees through in-office perks like meditation and massage, often subsidized, or done in partnership with, their […]

What Will Become of Broadcast Advertising?

Ken Wheaton is the editor of Advertising Age. In the latest issue, he talks why traditional TV watching is becoming obsolete, leaving advertisers and agencies left to wonder, “what will become of broadcast advertising”? As Ken says, he watches TV the […]