Gone are the days when the same messaging works for everyone. Now more than ever, insurance customers value a company that not only understands who they are and what they need, but also responds with accurate, timely communications.

For the past few years, the ultimate goal in customer engagement and experience has been to create personalized, context-aware interactions. Combining customer insights, digital content creation capabilities, communications delivery, and omni-channel operations enables companies to achieve this and the recent crisis has only accelerated transformation.

The Lift Factor recently partnered with ConsumerOptix to create The Hartford’s fully digitized, personalized voluntary benefits support platform, MyTomorrow, and achieved the holy grail of customer engagement – a two-way dialogue.


The platform experience delivers:

  • A personalized educational experience that helps drive employee benefits decisions
  • Interactive product-education conversations, customized and co-branded with company-specific plan designs and logos
  • Customized content to employees based on their persona to ensure content is relevant
  • Built-in metrics to reveal insight into employee learning and purchase preferences
  • Easy-to-use online tool that can be accessed by a computer or mobile device
  • Greater participation in Voluntary Benefits plans
  • A resource library of enrollment plan information

Currently, there are five generations in the workforce. Each with unique needs and perspectives.  A new mother and a father of 4 young adults have vastly different insurance requirements and will ask their provider very different questions. Their portal and package needs to be as unique as they are.

The MyTomorrow tool presents employees with the relevant, personalized voluntary benefits information they want, delivered by future-ready technology. Built on a vast database of content, each experience is tailored and curated for each individual based on their dataset and past interactions.

man hand in jeans holding phone with an isolated screen

As businesses shift to distributed workforces, digital tools and communication are critical to employees and further accelerating long-term change. Customer experience and engagement has been and continues to be the number one strategic initiative for insurers, with 85% of insurers investing in this important aspect of retaining customers. Across insurance categories, the focus on the customer, and the desire to improve their experience, is driving technological innovation and reshaping how customers interact and engage with companies, products and services.

Customers gain the sense that the insurer knows who they are, what their needs are, how they relate to the company, where they are in the life cycle and what conversations have recently occurred. When these pieces fall into place, a carrier can do more than render a service; it can be a source of reassurance and comfort during times when those two things are in short supply.