By now, many marketers have heard of or used Variable Data Printing, otherwise known as VDP. VDP allows marketers to create attention-grabbing direct mail campaigns that speak specifically to a target audience. Utilizing VDP helps build better relationships with customers by communicating directly with them as individuals.
Contrary to what many believe, VDP is more than just inserting a name after “Dear”. VDP allows marketers to adjust the content and messaging of a mailer so it’s specific to where someone lives, what their marital status is, whether they are male or female, or any other information you might have related to a specific contact. Now you can now take that personalization one step further by integrating variable voice and video messaging into your direct mail campaign.
Variable Media Mail is the combination of variable voice and/or variable video messaging with variable data print. By combining both variable data and voice or video, variable media mail creates a memorable experience for the recipient through a one-to-one touch.
How does it work? Variable Media Mail stores individual variable video and/or variable voice messages on chips that are embedded in the mailer. Upon opening the mailer, the recipient is presented with their unique, personalized message, played from the embedded voice chip or video screen.
Imagine the reaction of your recipient when they open up a mailer that speaks to them directly? This new medium allows marketers to enhance their marketing campaigns through a personal connection with their target audience. In a cluttered advertising environment where attention spans are at a minimum, delivering something truly unique is no longer an option. Make sure your messaging is heard. Talk to us today about developing your next Variable Media Mail campaign.