Our expertise lies in meeting your marketing challenges. Whether you’re looking to acquire new clients, optimize existing clients or convert your distribution and business channels into being your advocates, The Lift Factor has the programs and experience to elevate your marketing.


With the confidence that comes from intelligence, independent distribution channels sell more.

Your average producers need more product communications than your top–producers. And non-producers need more than anyone. Using communication tools that are consistent with their engagement levels, our Awareness to AdvocacyTM program gives every producer the information they need to present intelligently and sell effectively.

With communications based on each of your agent’s knowledge and engagement levels, we move non-producers and average producers to top producers.
Since agents and advisors regularly ignore product and promotional e-mails, we do it differently. With out-of-the-box interactive print and digital communications, we break through the clutter to capture and engage the attention of your distribution channels.
Our research shows independent distribution channels can only name 1 or 2 differentiators of each of their carriers. We combat that with programs that teach them to tell your story and communicate your value by educating them about your differentiators.
Since sales can’t spend time with every agent, they usually visit those generating the most revenue. We track, measure and identify agents who are showing interest. Our reports then help sales refocus their relationship activities to help increase written policies.
We’ve developed tools to help agents communicate their expertise and value to their customers. Tools to help them prospect and market. Tools to help them tell your story. Together our tools promote the loyalty and engagement of your distribution channel.


We capture attention of customers with interactive communications that deepen your relationship and reinforce the wisdom of their purchase decision. Our engaging solutions help to decrease policy cancellations, increase renewals and build a more loyal distribution channel.

It costs a business about 5-10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one.
We wrap your message in a compelling theme built to appeal to the needs of your target audience. We deliver it through integrated cross media campaigns, using traditional and interactive dimensional direct mail, and engaging digital communications that set you apart.
Personalized videos are an exciting new way to entice, engage and educate new customers by connecting with each person on an individual level. Personalized video technology uses data to create a video message generated on a per-customer basis and delivered by email.
We help carriers promote loyalty with independent agents with tools that tell their story and communicate their value. Our tools include rich content to demonstrate their expertise, co-branding of video, print and digital communications and prospecting tools for helping with new customer growth.
We measure everything. We monitor interactions and adjust, keeping the conversation going and communicating the added value that helps to keep your customers, customers.


Our lead generation programs help to lower acquisition costs while improving acquisition rates. Utilizing segmentation tools and the most effective lead generation tactics, we help you identify, target and market to your best prospects. We engage them, drive them into the pipeline and on-board them to bound policies.

Using your existing data we identify your best customers. Through lifestyle, demographic and psychographic tools we find others who look just like them.
We use traditional and interactive dimensional direct mail, and engaging digital communications to set you apart ensuring that your message hits its mark.
We engage on a personal level. Our personalized videos, welcome experiences and other communications improve response rates and encourage relationships with qualified leads.
We build our campaigns around relevancy, always looking to use the data we have to speak as personally with your targets as we can.


Customers have lost their tolerance for irrelevant marketing messages. They require content and messaging that speak directly to their interests. Where demographics used to be enough, now knowing them individually is the requirement. We employ personas and personalization for optimum relevancy, targeting first to groups and drilling down to individuals.